Moorish American History

Noble Drew Ali

In the year 1886, there was a Divine Prophet born in the state of North Carolina. His name was Noble Drew Ali. If this sounds strange to speak of a prophet born in North Carolina, that maybe how it sounded in the days of Jesus, when some thought it was strange that a prophet or anything good came out of Nazareth. As prophets of olden days came to people around the world to save nations from the wrath of Allah, a Prophet of Islam was sent also to the Moors of America, who were called Negroes. The duty of a prophet is to save nations from the wrath of Allah. As Noah and Lot were warners to the people of those days, Prophet Noble Drew Ali came to warn and redeem the Moors of America from their sinful ways. 

The nationality of Prophet Noble Drew Ali was Moorish American, the same as the people he came to uplift. The Prophet uplifted his people by teaching them the Truth-the truth as to their divine creed, and the truth as to their customs. He taught them to be themselves, and the things necessary ”to make better citizens” of men and women. He let them know that the Moorish-American are part and partial of this government, and they must obey the laws thereof. As a result the Moorish-Americans are good citizens, and an asset to the country also, they endeavor to uplift others who have fallen along the way of life, to redeem them so as to make them an asset to the government, rather than social detriments and wards of the government.

Prophet Noble Drew Ali taught the people termed ”Negroes” in the United States are ”Asiatic” and specifically that they are Moorish whose forefathers inhabited the Northwestern and Southwestern shores Africa before they were enslaved in North America. Marcus Garvey was given credit, by Prophet Noble Drew Ali, of being his forerunner. Garvey’s teachings about national issues were similar. Garvey stated in ”Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey”; ”we will have to build our own government, industry, and cultural, before the world will stop to consider us. ” Prophet Drew Ali passed in 1929.